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From a very young age I always knew my heart was in early years education. When my children were young they attended a Montessori Nursery and they developed their academic knowledge and skills as well as their social confidence. This is when I fell in love with the Montessori method, I knew instantly this was the right path for me. I undertook Montessori course, gained experience of 5 years as the deputy head at a Montessori nursery. In 2002 my dream came true, and I was able to open my first Montessori Nursery. I passionately embedded my Montessori training to create a safe, calm and nurturing environment for children to grow. Now, 19 years later I feel proud to have established four Montessori Nurseries operating across Harrow and Brent. It is the greatest feeling to know that I can help shape the minds of the future, giving the children an inspiring space to develop.

Maria Montessori believed that a child in their first 5 years has the greatest capacity to learn, she quotes “what the hand does the mind remembers”. I am proud to offer beautiful, well-resourced environments to children to provide for them endless learning opportunities that prepare children academically as well as develop their confidence and lay a strong foundation to face the challenges in wider world. This along with strong home-nursery connections and effective communication ensures the child always stays at the centre of everything we do.

" Children have excellent access to a wide range of quality books which they choose independently for pleasure in the cosy book area. They eagerly choose their favourite storybooks and show great enthusiasm and interest identifying pictures and recalling the stories. "

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